Fresh Casino Cashback Bonus for Canadian Players

Fresh Casino Cashback is a powerful tool made available to all Canadian players registered in the casino. By receiving a percentage of the losses as a bonus, the user is obliged to follow a few rules and conditions.

The cashback category will define which one of the different wagering requirements are applied. Like other offers, completing such demands allows the withdrawal of further gains.

How much cashback does it offer?

There are 9 different categories, varying in percentage and wagering requirements. They vary between 2% to an incredible 10% of the lost bets. As long as the players wager at least $100 more than their gains within the week, the possible bonuses are:

  • Light I – 2%
  • Light II – 3%
  • Classic – 4%
  • Big – 5%
  • Cool – 6%
  • Intense – 8%
  • Strong – 10%
  • Elite – 10%
  • Fresh – 10%

Fresh Casino makes the deposit of the equivalent amount every Friday. The users must have deposited at least $100 more than their payments, or they will not be eligible. Besides, only the amounts wagered with real cash balance shall count for the offer.

Once the money is received, the players are allowed to use them in slots, which are the only games accepted. That means bets on any table or live casino games will not count for the cashback.

Finally, it is important to make sure the withdrawn amount does not exceed the deposited amount. When that’s the case, the player is no longer eligible for this promotion.

Fresh Casino Cashback wagering requirements

Fresh Casino Cashback demands from all users compensation for the free credits received as a bonus in this promotion. Each aforementioned category has a requirement of its own. The best possible scenario would be gaining a “Fresh” compensation: no rollover and infinite validity – use when necessary.

The second-best compensation would be the Elite one. With only a 1x wagering requirement, the player does not have to deposit a lot of money to complete it. On the other side, together with all other categories except “Fresh”, it has a 72-hour validity.

The smaller the percentage of credits received as a bonus, the higher the rollover. As an example, the very first “Light” category demands 5x the offered refund.

Those are all the rules involved in this promotion that any player from Canada should know. It is up to the user to decide when the money back as slots bonus is an interesting choice. Compared to many demanding options out there, the Fresh Casino Cashback seems an interesting opportunity.