Fresh Casino Canada free spins & their requirements

Fresh Casino free spins are the best way to add up to the chances at a casino game. Fortunately, any Canadian player may enjoy those no-cost bets right after the first deposit. That’s enough reason to develop this guide containing:

  • All the spin bonuses offered by Fresh Casino.
  • How to choose the correct bonus.
  • Minimum and maximum deposit amounts.
  • Wagering requirements.

How to get the Fresh Casino free spin bonus

The first step to get this bonus is to sign up for the website. It’s a really quick process where defining the country as Canada also enables certain payment methods. Using one of them, the player makes a transfer and gets credit and free spin bonus as a reward.

There are other offers up to the fifth deposit, besides smaller ones that may be activated at any given moment. However, none of them is as rewarding as the very first. Therefore, it’s essential to choose wisely one of the three welcome offers with Fresh Casino free spins.

First, it’s necessary to define if the player wants more credits or spins, marked as “FS”. By giving preference to the FS, the choices are 75, 100, or even 200 spins. It’s possible to choose only one, and the minimum deposit increases together with the number of free turns.

Before checking the terms of the no-cost bets, it’s important to differentiate the rest of the promotions. From the second to the fifth deposit, the player has to choose between credits or spins – there is no bundle.

The exception is found within the extra and the special bonuses. They give proportional percentual credit and casino plays. From 10% to 35%, each 1% credit also means one rotation for free.

Most deposit bonuses will accept at least $20. However, it’s necessary to pay out at least $200 to get the offer with the biggest spin amount. The minimum deposit for 75 FS lowers down to only $20.

Free spins terms and wagering requirements

Fresh Casino free spins have some requirements in exchange for giving the chance to play online slots without cost. For any of the given bonuses mentioned above, it’s necessary to wager three times what was received. Only after completing such rollover may the user withdraw its gains – withdrawing earlier eliminates all bonuses and their respective winnings.

It’s also essential to check which online games are eligible for a certain promotion. One bonus may apply to a certain slot that the others don’t. As some players have preferences as to RTP and number of lines, checking them is recommended.

There is a total of 3 days to use the awarded playing credits, which may be deposited within five days. However, only players who bet at least one time the bonus will receive them. The list below summarizes the terms and conditions for the promotions:

  • Wagering requirement of 3x the bonus.
  • It’s obligatory to wager 1x the bonus to receive the spins.
  • Only a few games are eligible for each promotion.
  • Withdrawals before the rollover eliminate the offer.

Now it’s clear that the Fresh Casino free spins aren’t complicated to understand. Choose wisely before placing a bet, according to personal preferences and wagering possibilities.